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Full Of Holes.

(#) Kill_the_mainstream 2011-04-12

I can completely relate to how that feels...
I had lived in the same house in Marietta, Georgia for the past nine years (I'm only thirteen, so that's a lot). I had friends that I've known for practically forever and so many memories in that town (at school, at my house, at the local venues, etc.). It was absolutely devastating to me to have to just get up and move half way across the world for two of the most important years of my life... Regardless of that though, you should still be a little happy about this. You're getting a new beginning, a clean slate. You even get to go to my favorite country in the entire world! (Okay, so I might be a little biased, but who isn't about their home?) It'll all work out for you, just "stand up fucking tall, don't let them see your back," and think happy thoughts =)