Review for Auditions for my new story!

Auditions for my new story!

(#) imdisenchanted 2011-04-14

your name: Georgie

your appearance: dark brown eyes, very pale skin, dark brown curly hair. kind of short.

your style and what you tend to wear: skinny jeans, either black, tartan or bright coloured. band t-shirts or cupcake cult t-shirts or david & goliath t-shirts. hoodies. converse. red and black wrist band.

your likes/dislikes: likes art, blogging, rock music, band merch. dislikes racist/sexism/homophobia, judgemental people. etc.

your general personality: opinionated, generally nice. good listener. loyal.

anything else you think would help me to portray you as a character: um. gets annoyed easily, can have weird mood swings.