Review for Auditions for my new story!

Auditions for my new story!

(#) sourcandy 2011-04-14

Name: katt
Appearance: dark brown hair that comes to my middle ribs, straight I guess it would be classed as the scene kid style to most people as it is very big, scarily bright blue eyes, always do my make up to look like I have cat eyes so black eyeliner with flicks, I always wear red, purple or pink lipstick, I would say I'm extremly thin but not anerexic thin if you get what I mean? Im also quite short about 5 ft
Style and what I tend to wear: skinny jeans (mostly criminal damage bright or black), random t-shirts never baggy ones, I love wearing zip up hoodies not pull over ones, always always always wear wrist bands and bracelets that I find god knows where, big sunglasses in the summer, and random things in my hair like monster cans, haha.
Likes/dislikes: likes, energy drinks,lemonade, flying saucers, editing photos, roller skating, skateboarding, annoying people I don't like, that perfect temperature between hot and cold but not warm, the smell of damp cardboard.
Dislikes, the cold, and getting a tan, people I don't like annoying me, meat, homophones, people shouting, I can't cope with that
Personality: I'm not the most put spoken person but around friends and I can be a bit hyper but I also have a really dark side to me where I can be a complete bitch to people I don't like and I tend to hold grudges, I can tend to go on a bit sometimes, i can get upset easily and I'm a bit over emotional.
Anything else that will protray my character: I'm bisexual and I'm proud to admit that, I don't really fit in much but I guess people look up to me with in my own friends, there is a lot of people that are convinced I'm actualy a vampire at my school and refuse to even go near me, it might not help that I havent had a tan in 4 years so I'm really pale.