Review for Shockwave Current

Shockwave Current

(#) FlyingSmoke 2011-04-14

Oh my god.

Let me just say I began to cry when you said this was the last chapter. I mean, I'm not one to get all emotional and shit, but it's over? :'( I think I'm going to tear u again...

Finally Korse is dead, but how will the sequel go... Oh. Wait. Korse is a robot, durh Rachel. Sorry, had to tell myself that.

The fight was not the best but a good way to end the fiction. The last sentence though was a little sketchy, though. I mean, excuse my judging, but it could have been more vague, like the last seconds of Inception before it cut to credits, y'know? Almost like she could have been alive, but then maybe not. I don't know, it;s just me saying.

You better post your sequel soon, or I will go insane.

And for one last time, I did the happy dance for Shockwave Current in my chair, my laptop balancing on my knees. But, as a famous person in a suit once said about My Chemical Romance, a band can have a good run, but when it's time for it to die, it must.

Good luck with your sequel.
-Rachel, FlyingSmoke, Violet Rage