Review for Auditions for my new story!

Auditions for my new story!

(#) MidnightSNoise 2011-04-16

your name: Kate Armstrong

your appearance: pale skin, black straigh hair. green eyes always with black eyeliner, lip ring and short like frank ^^.

your style and what you tend to wear: black skinny jeans, band t-shirts. red and black converse.
A black bracelet.

your likes/dislikes: likes cook, rock punk music, band merch. dislikes racist, homophobia, judgemental people, hypocritical people, etc.

your general personality: a great friend, nice, funny, a little crazy. good listener.

anything else you think would help me to portray you as a character: I'm vegetarian, I'm bisexual, my birthday is in July 6, I play the drums, guitar and bass guitar

Thanks for read and I hope that you want to pick my caracter ^^