Review for Auditions for my new story!

Auditions for my new story!

(#) ImNotOkayPromise 2011-04-17

Name: Rebecca (or becky/bec) West
Appearance: about 5ft6 skinny but not a twig... Longish brown hair goes curly at ends . Grey eyes with splashes of green that kind off change colour (it's awsome XD) quiet pale. Ears pierced.

My style: emoish but not really... I LOVE BAND TOPS that is all I will wear ;) with my skinnys and Mosh pit converses. I have quiet a lot of bracelets and I have a dog tag saying 'a little bit longer...' I like hoodies but I always push sleeves up longsleeves annoy me. I hate dresses and skirts and joggers anything chant is Grrrr. Not really into colour

Likes and dislikes: rain music my friends... And trying to get the boy I fancy to like me back :) it hard work. I like rock and metal music and Disney (not Hannah montanna classic Disney) lol and I dislike slags who think there better than me when we are all equal ...

Generally personality: quiet random when I want to be and I'm loud if I'm with my friends but if I'm round anyone else I'm shy just because I don't feel comfertable and I usually stand there with my head down trying to shut life out. I'm a social reject ;) bullies are attracted to me... I'm loyal to my friends and try not to backstab them, and I have a phobia of being alone :(

Anything else... I get bullied and social outcast like I said. I love art I'm not particulary good at it but yeah and my arms are always filled with drawings. I love animals and I love quotes like lyrics:) I have a brother called sam who is two years older. We get along but fight ... I love him really he just protective over me.