Review for Kunoichi Means

Kunoichi Means

(#) Dustbunny3 2006-09-29

I don't know that I have the words to tell exactly how much I adored this peice. All the girls are down FLAT and the varying lengths keep the pace fresh and interesting.

I especially love Hinata's and Sakura's bits because they're my favorite girls and I so rarely find them portrayed so accurately. I love you for Tenten's pride in her hair and Temari's perfume because the two of them often get anti-girl characterizations in fic, which I find totally wrong. The Ino part really got me, too, because you got her pride, but without making her seem snobby the way so many people do. I have a slight pang of disappointment that Kin and Tayuya don't get mention and I'm sure you would bring them across sensationally, but all in all, this is just beautiful. I hope I can be this good some day