Review for AUDTIONS!!!


(#) xxXLadyOfSorrowsXxx 2011-05-16

Name: Lacie Evans

Age: 16 (you can change it)

Vampire or Human: can she be a human soon to be a vampire:D if not, human(: (just dont make me sparklexD)

Background: as a human stays wherever she can. ran away from home at age 14 after abuse that she never reported. her only friend (who was like her twin/other half), blake, is dead from a plane crash, and she misses him, alot. infact, her most prized possesion is her locket with a picture of the two of them when they were 6. she spent her entire school life bullied for being "an emo freak" although she doesnt label. a group of girls attacked her behind the library and burned 'freak' into her left forearm. she is a pretty strong person now, and doesnt give a flying fuck what people think of her.

vampy: dark. un merciful. if its her enemy or her family, she doesnt care, she only stops for the people she cares for, and fufils missions. fast. quick witted and handy.

Fun Facts: has big gold eyes, long lashes. long choppy black hair with purple and whit streaks and a long fringe covering right eye. can climb trees and knows how to can break in and out of places extremely easily. always hyper, confident, and swearing up a storm. shes easy to read. lip ring:3 she runs off when hurt, and goes for a walk and cusses whoever it is under her breath when mad. plays bass and is always blasting her headphones(:

Likes: SKITTLES!:D although banned from getting too hyper. playing bass. gays and bi's (she finds them cool and fun) being with people who love her, motorcycles, thunder, dancing in the rain, comic books, drawing. not a big reader/writer. piggybacks and being held.

Dislikes: cold. homophobes, fake people, people who think they are better than others by image. whoever pisses her off. planes (after blake) the bagpipes. when getting restrained. people insult her or her friends (she fights alot) ravioli. cats. jumproping, and bugs. BUT NOT FIREFLIES. SHE LOVES FIREFLIES xD

Fears: falling (although loves trees), being lonely and bullied again, going against her beliefs, losing her friends. snakes, worms, maggots. getting her heart broken.

Favorite member of MCR: MIKEY MIKEY MIKEY MIKEY!!! :D

excited for your fic. but who isnt? xD xx