Review for AUDTIONS!!!


(#) jadesohma 2011-05-16

Name: Jillian:)

Age: 16 or 17 (not my real but it'll most likeyly fit better)

Vampire or Human: either one I'm cool with

Background: Very jewish family. I moved when I was two then again when I was 10. My parents aren't the best right now. Might get into trouble, spacing, writing, and reading (Awful things to get in trouble for..) Doesn't think I'm pretty or good enough for any of my friends andddd puts on a fake smile ALOT.

Fun Facts: I play clarinet and guitar. Am kinda good at art. Brown hair/eyes that look black most of the time. I HATE being cool. Not a joke.

Loves: MCR! Anime, gays (not one but love them), harry potter, my friends, skinny jeans, band t-shirts, bunnys and monkeys, friends, anddddd books.

Dislikes: Homophodes, jocks, cheerleaders, ass holes, mean people, bugs, pink, people who think they're so cool.

Fears: not being able to move or breath. drowning, fire (Love playing with it though...) things crushing me. That I'll never find someone (How lame right? : / ) and bugs O.o those things are out to get me!

Favorite member of MCR: MIKEY! OH MIKEY PLEASE! (Or Gee or Frankie is cool too;))

I hope you chose me:) ~JS~