Review for American Girl.

American Girl.

(#) Heymimusic 2011-05-27

Name: Kalista Rozen

Age: hmm, 15 ? you can change it if you want

height: 5'3

Looks: slender, black/brown hair, bright brown eyes

Clothes: Lolita street fashion like the ones in Japan for formal events, mostly wears band tees or panda shirts for everyday wear. also wears ripped jeans most of the time.

Origin: Born in Puerto Rico, Parents died in a car crash and left her with the family's money. They placed her in Zaria's orphanage hoping they gave her a better life.

Here's a character ! Use her if you want, she's all yours (:

Author's response

thank you:3
she will be of great use:-)
You'll probably see her in the next few updates:3