Review for Dont get caught!

Dont get caught!

(#) dancingdragon 2011-05-29

this story is awesome! update soon!!!

name: Jenna Boutilier (pronounced boot-ill-eay)

age: 15 (feel free to change)

appearence: Dark brown hair with black tips, looks slightly singed. Slim and short. Has very bad eyes,so wears glasses when reading and doing anything that needs alot of vision concentration (example:reading,driving or playing video games). Wears glasses with black frames, kinda rectangular.

Personality: very friendly, very smart. Good at keeping secrets and is very understanding.

past and family: family is french, so she speaks french and tries to teach it to people (even if they don't want to learn it :3 ). Family is very wealthy,so they dont aproove of fher friends and music.

likes: playing piano, listening to music, speaking and teaching french.

dislikes: stuck up people, homophobia, jerkfaces :)

thats about it!UPDATE SOOON

Author's response

Thank you for reading ill keep your character in mind :)