Review for Bittersweet Youth

Bittersweet Youth

(#) littleboots 2011-05-31

a name: Frida
a few key personality traits: She does not have a unibrow and in fact, she likes to go and get her eye brows threaded. She doesn't take too many things too seriously and she isn't afraid to FAIL!
something INTERESTING about him/her:
any siblings: She's the sister of a baker and she occasionally helps out her brother in his bakery that he started with wife.
general likes: Cakes. Lots of cakes. She has a huge interest in 3D design.
dislikes: People who hate to eat. She also has a great dislike for people who are alway sad and people who's aroma is anything BUT extraordinary and fresh.
anything you feel is important:
Yes, my characters is a lesbian. She is not a stupid typical stereotype. This information in fact, is not known....until later in the story when she falls in love. If you decided this of course. Just a suggestion. But she's accepted with the exception of maybe a few mean comments, that she really doesn't care about.