Review for Bittersweet Youth

Bittersweet Youth

(#) Kill_the_mainstream 2011-06-04

a name: Maria

a few key personality traits: Very mature and mothering, non-judgemental, calm, random but not hyper, likes to comfort people and give advice, keeps everyone else on the right track, doesn't like to break the rules, a bit dark at times.
something INTERESTING about him/her: dresses anywhere between punk and goth. Has a bunch of piercings on her ears and has her nose and lip pierced (two piercings on her lip). Has shoulder length black hair with the tips died white. Plays the cello and bass guitar. Likes to sing. Along with English, speaks a bit of Chinese, French, and Tagalog. Lived in China for two years, but is half american and half filippino. Despite her appearance, she always got good grades in school and stayed on her teachers' good sides.
any siblings: one little brother that is two years younger.
general likes: Post hardcore, punk, alternative rock, metal, and similar types of music. Classical music. Art. Drawing. Mexican food. Sharpies. Converse. Vans. The color black.
dislikes: Homophobes. Judging people. Spiders. Heights. Fire. Cooking.
anything you feel is important: Straight Edge (if you don't know, look it up) and bisexual.

Well, if there is anything else you need to know, you can just ask! Even if I'm not picked, I still can't wait to read your story =)