Review for Oh My Holy F**king Mother of Jesus and Randy Savage!

Oh My Holy F**king Mother of Jesus and Randy Savage!

(#) Bitch-Bot 2011-06-07

omg youre so lucky the only bands i like that anyone in my family like (this is just my dad btw) is greenday (older stuff and definatly nt the best of thier older stuff) blink 182 (only slightly) and good charlotte but hes only heared one song lol
did i tell you youre a lucky lucky person

Author's response

Thank you! My dad likes those bands too! When my dad was a teenager, he was a major fan of heavy metal and he was pretty rebellious too. He went to a religious school even when he was an athiest and when they told him he had to go to a church service that they were going to hold during the graduation cerimony even thought they originally told him he didn't have to go, he told them to just mail they diploma. My dad was always the weird kid doing cartwheels through the mall and as a little kid jumping off his roof to test his homemade wings. He'd prank random people and was one of the first teens in my Ohio to get a video camera (he actually paid for it himself too). He's kind of weird, deffinatly a nerd but over all is pretty cool. LoL he collects swords, but is a poet and loves to read Shakespeare and Poe. Ever since I was little him and I have listened to Evanescence and Jimmy Eat World. We listened to Train and Gorillaz before their music got big, and my dad never had me listen to pop.