Review for I need BestFriends for Alicia's Story! AUDITIONS! ANYONE WELCOME!

I need BestFriends for Alicia's Story! AUDITIONS! ANYONE WELCOME!

(#) XxxFallenAngelXxxx 2011-06-18

Name-Dakota Nyx. (nyx means night-a greek goddess was called it and dakota means friend or ally)
part-anything I don` mind.
looks like-long black hair with red underneeth. Pale, quite thin but not deathly thin. Average height and got the body of a little kid-no hips/breast. Wears a lot of "gothic" clothes and loves jewelry. Nails often painted with weird nail art kinda things. Green eyes that light up when happy.
Serious, sarchastic, randomly buts into conversations, loyal to friends,dry sense of humor can be a bit morbid sometimes. has her own mind and noone can make her do something she disagrees with. Would get into fights with anyone-even older peopple if they were being jerks or hurt her frinds or even if it was someone she didnt know.
likes music-anything rock, art, writing, aniamls, conerts, history,hanging out with friends and shopping for clothes/cds//shoes ect.
dislikes. mean people, racits/homophobes, overly optomisit peopple that haven`t heard of realitly. stereotypes.
Is a veggie, often bites her lip/inside of lip.
i think thats it, good luck ith the story