Review for "Be My Detonator."

"Be My Detonator."

(#) cup-full-of-blood 2011-06-19

OMGGG your soo good, you make me sooo jelouse when i read your stories gahhhh man i just love your work i can read it over and over again XD i tried to pin point my fave buts but i just couldnt, everything was awesome i loved it all.

It was soo funny and i'm too late to rate again :/ damn haha anyway i hopefully will next time this is just perfect, it was all great i love gerards comments to jamie and when he woke up hehe funnnyyyyy love it :D oh and seriously, do you take some kind of magical writing potion to wright that good, its just so perfect its unreal :)
but i'm glad it is haha
awesome chapterrrrrrr well to awesome for my keyboard XD