Review for auditions!!! :D

auditions!!! :D

(#) ONotz 2011-06-19

Name- Victoria Whitten (Real name BTW!)
Gender- Female
physical description- A little tubby, just over 100 pounds. Only a b-sixe in bra size, a small ass, bright yellow hair, but wants to die it brown soon.
amily (like do sisters or mom visit and stuff) Has a brother who plays in a band, but hes 27, Mom and dad disapprove of me and sent me here. Younger Brother (Clayton James!) calls once in awhile, he’s only 8 though.
personality- usually shy, loves my bestfriends, take crap from others, but if others make fun off friends will kick there asses.
music they like to listen to (keep in mind fob and p!atd will just be like high school bands in here..) Can MSI be in this? (Mindless self indulgence?) I just want kitty to be my bestfriend. If no it’s cool, your Fic you know?. Other than that, uhhhhhm Astro Zombies (Only Misfit song) and Simple Plan. Black Veil Bride. Pink. :)
things they hate- Show offs, but will give Chavs chances unless they call me fat.
things they love- I love sports (Kind of a jock, but just don’t have thet personality!) Candy!
and if you want who they should be dating you can chose a band member or make another person up) Jimmy Urine if you put MSI in, if not, some one hot that you need a girl for (Either sex)
and anything tht you think tht will help my story

I hope this I good, I’m actually going to do 2 more for the hell of it! :)