Review for Stars Made of Fire

Stars Made of Fire

(#) PartyPoison 2011-06-22

Ooh, sci-fi =) I am going to enjoy this story very much. You also used one of my favourite rhyme/riddles which just makes me like this story so much more.
I am pretty bad at making characters up but I am currently very bored so I guess I will give it a shot.

Name: Kyle
Description: Dark brown wavy hair that just brushes shoulders. Icy blue eyes with dark eyelashes. Around 5'9 and has a good physic(Very strong and fast, like those people who always win in football)
Gender: Male
Can they die: Sure, why not? It is your story after all.

Anyways, there's my thrown together character. That was actually quite amusing to make. If you want another I suppose just ask.
Can't wait for more as alawys! :)