Review for Is It Hard Understanding I'm Incomplete?

Is It Hard Understanding I'm Incomplete?

(#) andreajp 2011-06-25

Ahhh good ol' truth or dare..... When you are sober, you can think of the best truths or dares, but at the last party I went not so much. Pretty much everyone kissed everyone or doing striptease and lap dances, and nobody even remember they could pick truths lol

And you know what, this is so stupid but I don't care, but whenever I read "whilst" I feel like I should be wearing a top hat and monocle. I know it means the same as while here, but shit it sounds so fancy. Trust me as far as I know I wasn't drop as a baby lol

Okay now that I got my diarrhea of the mouth taken care of for a second I shall do an actual review! Frankie's breakfast in bed was so cute, I loved the kissing part, kiss kiss kiss fuck school kiss kiss......presents?! I like how I thought this was going to be another cute silly chapter, but alas, you hit me with a baseball bat! What did I ever do to you!!

Maybe I should ask my mom about that dent on my head again. Update soon!

Author's response

Glad you enjoyed it :) Did i mention that I love your reviews? Aiysha Xoxo