Review for Auditions


(#) dancingdragon 2011-07-02

Name: (An actual name, but it's optional on whether you want one or not)-Jenna but doesn't go by it at all.

Name: (Killjoy name, this one is needed) Lady Madness

Eye Color: some days its a brown orangey, some days green, and some days hazel

Hair Color:blackish brown

Personality: mysterious and shy at first. doesn't have a gang because she's a lone wolf, after you get to know her some days shes really happy then the next she'll be super depressed. a little insane, it's where she gets her name.

Background: (A little bit of your history)-she was captured by BLI and put under millions of tests and expairaments. she escaped, but she left her sanity behind.

Outfit: (What your Killjoy outfit is..basically)- a leather jackets that got alot of different colored patches. ripped jeans with doodles and usually has random quotes on her hands in sharpie. her mask is a martis gras designs on it and its black and white.

Weapons: (What weapons that you use, rayguns, actual guns, knives, etc. and a description of what they look like)-she has dozens of throwing knives, and she shoots archery, but she does own a ray gun. its black and white and it says 'belle muerte' on the side. (french for beautiful death in french)

Author's response

Thank so much!
And it sounds so wicked, expecially the 'belle muerte' on your raygun, I actually know a bit a French and was so elated when I read that!