Review for Auditions


(#) raygun33 2011-07-02

Name- Corey (female)

Killjoy Name- StarScream (one word)

Eye color- brown, but hazel in the sunlight

Hair- dark brown, curly/wavy, slightly wild but attractive

Personality- Quiet and reserved, only outgoing to people very close to her. Always keeps emotions bottled up and sometime can't take the anxiety of the built up feelings. Though quiet, she's a bold person and tries very hard to appear strong. Compassionate and kind but has a fiery temper when provoked. Despite being small, she can be very intimidating if you cross her. Very artistic. Drowns her pain in art and music and is rarely seen without her sketchpad and giant oldschool headphones. likes to be alone and thinks too much. complex and mysterious with unique outlook on life.

Background-Family disappeared when she was 16 and her house was burned down by BLI. Suspects her family to be dead. Since then she has been on the run with only her german shepherd, Zombie, who is her best friend.

Outfit- leather jacket with high collar and lots of pockets and zippers. usually red cut up tshirt underneath and tight black skinnies that are usually splattered with paint or smeared with charcoal. Wears a thin low strung holster on her waist for rayguns. Black or green beat-up converse high tops or sometimes calf high black boots with straps. Lots of thick wristbands and has a large tattoo of a star on her inner wrist. Loves red lipstick, and when preparing for a fight sometimes paints an X over one eye.

Weapons- keeps a dagger in her boot. Expert with rayguns; has several different colors and types, and she has named each one. (Venom, Astrozombie etc.)