Review for That Other Killjoy Story.

That Other Killjoy Story.

(#) drfeelgood 2011-07-09

We're so auditioning because we love you

Make me be with Gerard or Mikey? Pwease?

Name (DUH!) Cyanide Killer (Ryan)


Personality. Kind of a chatterbox, friendly, VERY openly gay, gets attached to people easily

Looks. Naturally dark red hair, 5'8, skin that doesn't tan or freckle, kinda muscular, dark green eyes, wears a white shirt with multicoloured paint splatters on it with dark red skinny jeans and thigh-high fake leather boots

That’s it, wanna add something, go ahead! If anyone talks shit about Les I'm going to punch them in every genital they own. You already know I'm gay :)

Name (DUH!) Northern Lights (Leslie)


Personality. Pretty quiet, doesn't make friends easily but when he does he kinda freaks out about it, tends to keep to himself, not really open with his feelings

Looks. Same as above except he's 5'2 and a stick but he eats like a goddamn hippo... Wears a dark blue t-shirt under an open green button up with black loose jeans and riding boots

That’s it, wanna add something, go ahead! He's bi-curious

Hope we helped