Review for That Other Killjoy Story.

That Other Killjoy Story.

(#) Syphiel 2011-07-10

Killjoy Name: Bullet's Embrace


Looks: Short and young looking. reddish blonde hair that is shoulder length and a little choppy/curly. Hazel eyes that are more green then anything else. She wears a purple tank with a black half jacket over it. Black jeans and black heeled boots. Everything including her skin is covered in silver sharpie doodles.

Personality: She doesn't care about her own life. She would rather see her friends alive then her so she will always put herself in danger. She was raped by a renegade Killjoy group and has trust issues.

Her best friend is Crimson Tide

Killjoy name: Crimson Tide


Looks: very tall like Mikey tall. (sorry I'm very short only 5' even) very choppy blonde hair streaked with green randomly. Dark blue eyes. And very pale. almost albino. the pigments in his skin do not hold color.

Personality: Loves to laugh and loves to hear people laugh so he will make stupid jokes all the time. He is very big brother like to everyone but especially Bullet's embrace because of what happen to her. He is gay and doesn't hide it. Not flamboyent but if asked he will tell.

Best friend is Bullet's Embrace.

So those are my two Killjoys. I hope you can use them because I really like your stories. I can't wait to read this. Oh feel free to use Crimson and Bullet however you want. If either of them could be with Gerard or Frankie that would be awesome.