Review for Auditions, People!!

Auditions, People!!

(#) xxXLadyOfSorrowsXxx 2011-07-18

thank you so much for using my character:)
i saw Harry Potter at midnight! and i cried, because that shit`s my childhood. so its over, so i feel old. AND PEOPLE HAD THE NERVE TO CLAP WHEN BELLATRIX DIED. i was like, "OH FUCK TO THE NO, BITCHES, I HOPE YOU DIE, AND I`LL CLAP. KARMA`S A BITCH, IMMA FUCK YOU UP." i was so mad..i`m rambling. anyways, thanks for letting me in the story and i can`t wait! xo

Author's response

No problem! :D And DUDE I KNOW!! Harry Potter was my life, so now a part of me is missing...I feel so empty. I swear, I almost cried when Bellatrix died, she was so epic!!! I DID sob when Fred died. The epic Twin saga ended...:(