Review for More auditions?

More auditions?

(#) Skulletones 2011-07-21

name: Dariann
age: 15
personality: Shy but when you get to know is totally out there and weird, but you'll regret getting her mad. >:D Is also nice
looks like: Medium black hair, medium brown eyes, ears peirced (don't like dangly ear rings, medium height, skintone a bit taned but at the same time lightish, wears skinny jeans 24/7 and band t-shirts or blank black ones, dark eye liner and black finger nail polish
likes: Anime and cosplay, music, road cones, vampires, snow, rain, paranormal stuff
dislikes: Hot sunny days, exercise,
I don't really mind if my character dies but as long as they don't die in a fire.
Something I'd like to happen is to have my charater have a road cone collection
hobbies/talents: Burp the ABC's
music taste: Metal, rock, alternative, screamo
anything else