Review for To Fight the Coming Darkness

To Fight the Coming Darkness

(#) tricorvus 2011-07-23

I came to Harry Potter when the first movie was being touted, and went right out and bought the books. Read them and started writing my own fanfiction. Aided by my VERY imaginative 78 year old (at the time) mother. She felt that American Quidditch should be faster and more brutal and require faster reflexes. Smaller faster balls & smaller hoops. I felt that we should have Billyball - a game like football with little broomlets on their feet. Grivle - a game on Granian (flying horses) trying to catch a baby Peruvian Vipertooth (dragon). Plath - NASCAR for wizards. Remember how Draco and Harry raced for the snitch in movie #2? That. Please feel free to use these concepts. Also "Dulcificus Expumarri" to sweeten and make fizzy any drink. I love the story.