Review for Summertime.


(#) andreajp 2011-07-29

You bad Panda! Did you forget to hit the publish button again or just a case of the ADD's? lol it's fine just happy you updated. Frank needs to just chill out and enjoy the ride and wait to cross that bridge when they get there.

Now some more random things no one cares about but I write tell them anyway! I looooove the feeling of swimming with my socks on, taking a bath, just as fun, but not taking a shower because my feet aren't completely covered with the water, it just feels so cool. On thing I would have done if I where in Frank's place with the wet socks, I would have hit Mikey with it to wake him up to get back for the closet thing lol. Hitting people in the face with soaked socks is rather fun, it makes a great slap sound, really deep on....but I don't think my brother enjoyed it as much as I did lol.

Hope you can update soon.

Author's response

I'm sorry for not updating sad face.

Your ideas never seem to amaze me... Nor do your reviews cease to entertain me :L