Review for Escape and Return!

Escape and Return!

(#) brad 2011-08-01

Nuts, so you're not going to have Harry and Hermione become a couple. Well, not right now, anyway. I guess that's alright ... it was the friendship between the two, the uncompromising loyalty and support of Hermione, that dragged me into this HP thing in the first place.

So, while they might not be in love, there were still some good things brought out into the open here. Harry's unselfishness in wanting Hermione to 'live her life'. Hermione's resolve to stick with him (of course). And the big hug. :-)

Interesting that Harry's currently got the wrong idea about Ginny, even if his chest monster has forgotten about her charms.

Looking forward to witnessing any results of Harry's power-up from losing his connection(s) to Riddle.

You know, that was an excelent speech by the senior Old Believer at the end. It's good that you've built those ideals into the assault group's motivation right from the start. Good show. I'm feeling hopeful about the magical world.

Author's response

Nope, no chest monster, no Albus Severus -- none of that in this fic! Ginny has had her mention, and Ron will have his soon enough