Review for Anywhere But Here

Anywhere But Here

(#) andreajp 2011-08-06

GODDAMN I don't think in my 22 years of existence have I ever driven 20 hours at a time! Is that one way or round trip? Either way, woah! Nothing against The Used or even Bert, but the motherfucker always creeped me out, I blame the long hair+facial hair combo, because in I think it was the video for all that I got, he is clean shaven and I find him adorable. Ramble, ramble, ramble! ANDREA review the fucking story!

You did a fantastic job at showing Gerard's awkwardness, hell my ass felt like an awkward turtle just imagining being next to him at that party lol. Oh god that kiss! It was so bittersweet! I am convinced you ARE evil, with the cliffhangers and your little teases here and there with Frankie, and now THIS.....pure evil!

Can't wait to read the next one, and have a blast at the concert!