Review for Escape and Return!

Escape and Return!

(#) vl100butch 2011-08-10

T, I can hear the bugles sounding in the background...not sure what the most appropriate music would be...the Army Band and Choir doing Battle Hymn of the Republic; Guadalcanal March from Victory at Sea; or Tiger Rag fanfare and Fight for LSU!!!! (you should know what pregame at Tiger Stadium is like...:-)))

yum, yum, boiled crawfish!!! are the Voodoo Queens going to show H and H how to suck the heads....;-))

Author's response

RE: Voodoo Queens sucking heads -- not on-screen, anyway (Yes, I know what you really meant, but it sounds nastier this way). As things stand right now (with lots of rewriting and revisions ahead) a Voodoo Queen has the last word in the regular story (pre-epilog)