Review for My Kill Joy Fic.

My Kill Joy Fic.

(#) Mr-Tibbles 2011-08-30

If its not to late then can I be in it? Real name-Derek Price. Killjoy name-Lightning Strike. Younger brother of Colorful Shadow. Age-19 but you can change so it fits. Looks-spikey dark brown hair with electric blue at the end of each spike, dark brown eyes, pale skin that tans easily, 5'2 and skinny. Costume-a blue t-shirt with a yellow lightning bolt, wears a black leather jacket, black jeans that are not skinnys, dark blue converse. Black fingerless gloves, dogtags. Mask is yellow and it has a black lightning bolt in the corner of it. Ray gun is blue. Personality-nice, gets protective over his older sister, loves to kick a drac in the ass, an awesome fighter, mimics people for fun, dances whenever he wins a fight. Backstory-ran away from BLI when Korse killed his parents. When he ran away he found his older sister Colorful Shadow. He thought she was dead, and she thought he was dead. They went through the zones together fighting for their lives. Hope I can get in. And Gerardwayiscute is my acual sister.