(#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2011-09-01

Sounds cool, if you haven't already guessed bu my username i like frank ;)

Name: Rosie

Age: 14 (but you can change that to a more suitable age)

Are you going to be older than Frankie or younger: Older (cause i'm weird ;D)

Looks: -cracks knuckles- well this could take a while, sorry i like to be very detailed 5'7, waist length, straight black hair with neon blue fringe and ends, fringe covers one eye all the time, hazel eyes with green tinges, very pale and emphasizes this by wearing chalk white foundation, tons of black eye liner, anorexic skinny (but if you call her that she'll kill you in your sleep), nose stud, lip ring, 5 piercings, "FoREVer" tattooed on left wrist, a guitar on fire on right shoulder, the Slytherin badge on left shoulder, giant black angel wings covering back with "we are the fallen angels" down the spine in between the two wings, "Bookworm" like franks ;D, "Shut up and let me see your jazz hands" on left hip, a unicorn on right hip,

Clothes: Sometimes wears band tees, other times wears either a Slytherin t shirt or a harry potter one (if you haven't already guessed i'm a harry potter nerd and i love Slytherin ;D), i practically LIVE in skinny jeans, wears either converse or favourite knee high, high heeled black boots, i wear a pendant from the first Pirates of the Caribbean film all the time, i got it from the pirates of the Caribbean ride when i was 6, it looks cool ok!, i also wear a a bracelet with spikes on and mostly my earrings are skull and crossbones (i like pirates xD)

Gender: Girl

Best friends name: GEE!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to be dating anyone from the band besides Frankie: gee please? puppy dog eyes

Good luck, hope i get through
Sorry if it's really long, i do tend to go on in too much detail but still
Rosie :)