Review for The Past Ain`t through with you

The Past Ain`t through with you

(#) killjoy_blackrose 2011-09-12

ohhhh an update:3 happy-dances around the room love it! please update soon (/the suspense is killig me/)
trololol...mhh what to say what to say (/i do reviews not so well in my...stfu/) lol taken from the stupid rime thingy german kids who start to learn english often usexD
sorry if i'm irritating, just a bit hyper right now...
and now i'll kindly enlighten you....the rime is 'i was sleeping very well in my quitsching bettgestell, but in the middle of the nacht is es dann zusammengekracht' i have no hobbysxD

re-reads this and blushes uhhhhm...

awkward silence

aaaaanyway please update soon:)

xx k

Author's response

I`m glad you like it, I`ll update as soon as I can. I`m used to hyper people, don`t worry about it. I get hyper all the time, especially on sundays for some reason. 9I know it isnt sunday...sadly, this sunday rocked)
That rhyme sounds pretty interesting, I don`t actually know any German but an old friend had family living there. Thanks for reading