Review for Escape and Return!

Escape and Return!

(#) brad 2011-09-21

As I said last time I'm not that engrossed with this 'wicker man' thing. I appreciate your reply to my last; I guess I'm just disappointed that an advanced magical culture ... isn't that advanced. We were all that 'barbaric' a few thousand years ago ... it's rather sad that the druids have stayed stuck in the middle ages.

Kill the bad guys - the really bad guys - sure. But take pleasure in their pain, torture them? Ugh. No. Just do a Snape, off with their heads! :-)

Still, I understand your keeping your magical world historically accurate. I'm not criticising you, I'm criticising the druids. :-)

Voldemort's forces are clearly outmatched, even if he himself is powerful enough to knock over his individual opponents like ninepins. And even he was defeated by the numbers, I see. That's realistic; if he can't take them out within seconds they'd start queuing up on him.

No romance in this chapter, I'm just sayin'. :-)