Review for Happiness or Misery?

Happiness or Misery?

(#) XxxFallenAngelXxxx 2011-09-25

Good I LOVED this chapter, apart from the whole cliffhanger thing. Oh well, it was amazing so I can`t complain. I hope you can update soon, but don`t fret if you can`t.
Tough question...I LOVE friends, I`d have loved to have been in it, but I also like total wipeout, but would I want to be in it? Not sure. I`d also of LOVED to have been in only fools and horses-it was just amazing. Or I`d like to be in a show like midsomer murders. Not as a dead person, but as a copper or the killer. (cause I`m that twisted) God, that was way too many answers, sorry about that, I do talk a bit too much.

Author's response

haha awwwww man all these reviews haha i am so glad you reviewd, i loev all teh support you give :)thanks for being so understanding.
you know me and my cliffhanger i have to keep it drama filled lol, again thank you for reading and reviewing.
OMG i like all the murder programs haha i would probs be the criminal sneaking around XD friends are cool but my acting skills not so cool, thats why i would love total wipeout hehe thanks for doing my little quiz. Oh don't sweat it, i love long reviews and people who rammble cuz i do the same haha its nice :) thanks again and i should get my chap done by the weekend.