Review for Happiness or Misery?

Happiness or Misery?

(#) AgentKilljoy 2011-09-26

HEll Yeah I got tokiss Gee!

Good chapter. I hope Frank and gee will be fine. I don' wanna tobreak up with Mikey!

I thoguht everyone was gonna call Romy

a slut in the reviews. -__-

So happy they didn't.

Author's response

hehe yes you did lol gees getting all the girls but he wants frankeee awww.
hehe i really hope it wasnt to bad, i wrote it cuz i thought it would be a good idea but then thought shit what if agentkilljoy thinks she is being slagish in it ! :O but really glad you like it and romy is a good character she is nice just slightly confised and very drunk XD haha

yes no i like to think my reviewrs are nice and they arn't...cuz they are awesome and you are one of them hehe :)
oh and if you want me to add anything else to your character or get her fashion sence wrong dont threat to tell me :)
more soon