Review for Personalized Stories

Personalized Stories

(#) MCRkilljoy 2011-10-03

I'm just using the same one I used in your other story. If you want you can out jexus in but if not then its okay, and you dont have to do the story but u can if you want.

Name (First and last*): Alexa Skyee (nickname: Lexa)

Looks: Black and red long hair. its always striaght and goes down to her bum, pale, blue eyes,m bottom right lip periced, thin

Clothing: Black and red. either in tracksuits or Skinny jeans and leather jackets. no make up. lots of studded stuff. Dresses emo NEVER wears skirts or dresses

Likes: Horses, coffee, books, animals and read torchuer

Dislikes: Justin Bieber, homophobes, pink, fake girls ( with lots of make up and tan and are sluts) Twlight, tea, low fat shit

Favourite Movie: Black beauty or Saw

Favourite Food: Baked beans/bread and butter / any meat

Favourite Band (Not My Chemical Romance!): Escape the Fate/ Black veil brides/ Falling In Reverse/ Hollywood Undead/ Asking Alexandria/ Bring me the Horizon

Favourite Drink: COFFEE

Best Friends Name: her twin sister Lexus Skye

Famous Person: If it can be anyone then Andy Berisack or Ronnie Radke but if not im happy with Ray or gerard or mikey or bob or frank lol ill take any

Story: umm anything i guess but if you could could you put in my horses and dog. they're
Apple (horse): black with a white nose. 5 years old. racer/jumper. female
Striker (horse): 3 years old, White with spots racer jumper, male
Spike ( dog): 6 years old. Husky. will bite if comanded.

you dont have to do it if you dont want to. its just an idea. i love ur stories anyway so i wont hold any grudges.