Review for Did you hear that?THUMP!

Did you hear that?THUMP!

(#) IloveMCRmy 2011-10-06

I would loooove to be Frank's undead girlfriend. Haha.

Name: Bianca.

Age: 18

Looks: Medium length auburn hair. 5'6. Big brown eyes, with a green freckle in the right one.

Personality: Just overall caring about the ones I love,(ah I am so bad at talking about myself.) I am just really friendly. But I can be a huge bitch if someone hurts me or my friends. I am so nervous around boys when I first meet them, but I after a little I calm down. I laugh at a lot of things. The little things make me happy. When someone I care about is upset, I am sad for them. But I will do anything to cheer them up. I always try and give the best advice I can to my friends. I'm funny, but most of the time I don't mean to be. I also say whatever comes in my head. (Uhhh I just kinda rambled. But I hope it was detailed enough for you (: )

Why I Auditioned: 1) Because this is the only way I will get to date Frank. Haha. 2) I have never auditioned for a story, so I wanted to try it.

Gender: I am a laaady.