Review for HELP WANTED


(#) Poisoned_Medow 2011-10-08

Name:Chole or Emily

Adopted: any mabe more gerard or frank

Style: Mixesgothic with girly clothes depends how shes feeling. Love bangles. Long blond hair with red tips. Blue grey eyes. Average weight.

Personility:Gets hyper easily when given coffee or skittles. Gets lost in her own world ( daydreams) and loves to draw and sing.

Likes: dogs loves dogs, most music.

Dislikes: Bulling (Charter was abused at home and bullied when at school.) Hates being shy but she is around new pople incase they bully her.

Anything else: well she was abused at home by her dad and got bullied, daydreams of a better life, draws amazing pics and sing when alone. Loves looking at the pictures in comics and dousn't know what it's like to have a proper family but when comes out of her shell she happy, fun and loveable. ohh and she tryed to commit suicide.