Review for HELP WANTED


(#) vampiresdontglitter 2011-10-08

Yay Bob! (:

Name: Gia Russo

Personality: Outgoing. Expressive. Creative with practical items. Intelligent. Sometimes quiet when thinking, which happens often. She tends analyzes everything that happens in her life. Tries to be optimistic. Somewhat of a perfectionist, hates to do things wrong. Borderline OCD in the sense that things can't be missing, messy, or cluttered. Laughs easily at just about anything, sometimes gets in trouble for not being able to stop. Kind of a tomboy, she likes sports and 'guy' movies. A little perverted and has a rather weird sense of humor. Opinionated about certain things, and is not afraid to stick up for herself. Big hearted, hates being taken advantage of. Cat lover. Very independent

Adopted by: BOB!

Style: Pin up girl style and make up. Skinny jeans. Band tees. Converse or knee high boots. For example : Usually wears a flower or a black knitted beret.

Likes: Animals. Water. Mountain Dew. Red Bull. Drawing. Singing. Bass guitar. Singing. Techno, rock, dubstep, hip hop, 80's, and K pop music. Coloring books. Internet. Green tea frappucinos (I'm obsessed with em!.) Movies, concerts. Fashion. Cooking. Reading. Writing. MGMT. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Weezer. Nirvana. Foo Fighters. Trapt. Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Flyleaf. Fall Out Boy. Animals As Leaders. Avenged Sevenfold. Republica. Garbage. Evanescence. Green Day. Raves. Night time. Nature. Rain, thunderstorms.

Dislikes: bubblegum music. Snakes. Most insects. Rude people. Crazy drivers. Slow walkers. Teenage boys :P

Anything Else: A vegeterian and an only child.