Review for Blind Faith: Slytherin's Heir

Blind Faith: Slytherin's Heir

(#) Dragen 2006-10-14

Sorry about the last chapter it bunmited itself, I didn't done a thing...

Anyhow, what another great chapter, I lol when Draco wanted to turn Ron's underwear into earthworms becuase he took all Chocolate Crawlies.

Looks like Draco and Hermione getting together doesn't seem to bother me as much as Neville dating Ginny... I think that Dumbledore might have something to do with this.

Percy is sach a git, I think he's worse in this story then in JKR... book.

Neville is being a bigger git then ever, I hope you do something about has I soon, as I really don't like him.

Poor Hermione, I hope everything goes ok, I think that Hermione and Harry might get together instead of Harry and Ginny... I just hope that Ginny doesn't go with Neville.

so once again, PLEASE, I ask again PLEASE don't have Neville dating Ginny, he is such a git and asshole, sorry for the French... but I don't like Neville in this story...

Anyhow, keep up the great work, and update soon.

Author's response

Neville/Ginny: I'm not going to say that a powerful wizard isn't influencing that but I'll swear it's not Dumbledore