Review for AUDITONS


(#) Vengefulscout 2011-10-17

NAME: Emily Toye
AGE:14 nearly 15
LOOKS: long brown hair, side fridge, silver-blue eyes, 5'6, pale, no make-up
STYLE (everyday): band tee's, dark blue jeans, black converse and red and black gloves ( she will kill you if you touch the gloves!)
COSTUME: Fallen Angel :)
HOME LIFE: Lives with mum, dad, older brother Kai (16) and younger brother Lucas (10)
MUSIC TASTE (not mcr lul): Avenged Sevenfold, paramore, panic!at the disco, smashing pumpkins, black veil brides..Stuff like that :D
FAVOURITE FILMS: Paranormal Activity and Fantasia
FAVOURIE BOOK: The Woman In Black
ANYTHING ELSE: Can sing and play piano. Is very shy and self-concious

Hope thats all okay! Let me know if you need more

Happy Story Writing!