Review for AUDITONS


(#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2011-10-17

Sounds cool ;)

NAME: Frankie Corleone (Frankie is short for Francesca but NEVER call her that unless you want a slow and painful death and i chose Corleone as her last name cause i fucking LOVE the godfather)

AGE: 19 (can change)

LOOKS: 5'7, shoulder length blue/black hair, fringe covers one eye all the time, green eyes with a hazel ring around the pupil, Italian/American so tans well in summer and hates this, anorexic skinny (but if you call her that she'll kill you in your sleep), wears tons of black eyeliner, nose stud, lip ring, 6 piercings in each ear, monroe piercing, eyebrow piercing, tons of tattoos, black nail varnish

STYLE (everyday): Either her favourite slytherin t shirt or a godfather t shirt, skin-tight black leather trousers, black leather jacket, knee high, high heeled black leather boots, black and silver studded belt (has a loaded pistol in there at all times, hides several knives in her boots),

COSTUME: vampire: black corset tied really tightly, her normal trousers, black stiletto heels, vampire makeup, fake blood over mouth, black hair extensions

HOME LIFE: Family is involved in the Italian mafia, so drugs and violence, hates it when people insult her family

MUSIC TASTE (not mcr lul): BVB, good charlotte, Green day, 30 seconds to mars, sex pistols, A7X, P!ATD, falling in reverse and stuff like that

FAVOURITE FILMS: The godfather pulp fiction is my second favourite any gangster films are good ;)


ANYTHING ELSE: Loves junk food, she smokes like a fucking chimney, takes several drugs since her family are involved in drugs, speaks fluent Sicilian and english, but prefers to speak Sicilian since it's her first language, a cutter and dyselexic (i actually am sorry about spellings thank GOD for spell check)

Good luck
Can't wait
Hope i get picked
Sorry if it's long i do tend to go on

Rosie :)