Review for AUDITONS


(#) mein_romantik 2011-10-17

NAME: Ophelia


LOOKS:Bright red hair in a pixie cut style, pale skin, blue eyes, always wears eyeliner but that's about it for makeup 5'3", slim curvy figure.

STYLE (everyday): black skinny jeans, docs, and band shirts/hoodies, or tights and lacy dresses.

COSTUME: Glam Zombie or any other sort of zombie ;)

HOME LIFE: She lives with just her mom and she's often not home because she's an airline pilot, but she still has a decent relationship with her mother. Her father died when she was 7.

MUSIC TASTE (not mcr lul): Nirvana, Placebo, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Misfits, The Cure, David Bowie, HIM, A7X, ect.

FAVOURITE FILMS: Fight Club, Benny and Joon, Gladiator, Heathers
FAVOURIE BOOK: Pride and Prejudice

ANYTHING ELSE:She's shy and sweet, complete music freak, likes to go for walks and hang out in cemeteries because it's peaceful.