Review for Auditions!!


(#) mcrguurl 2011-10-17

Name: Denise Julianne
Age - early 20's (21,22,23,or,24)
Sidekick or Hero: Hero please.
Special Power: Shape shifter (I can shape shift into anything I want)
Looks: Long blonde hair, blue eyes, very skinny, 5'2 or 5'3,
Outfit: dark skinny jeans, band/graphic tee's, converse. or Leggins, long shirt, ugg boots.
Secret Identity:
Weaknesses: Stress. When she is stressed she loses power. ( Like if she had a bf, and you said "oh he hates you and never loved you" and stuff like that she would slowly weaken.
Back Story: It doesn't really matter you can pick one but if not - She was abandoned as a baby because her parents wanted a boy, and was left on the streets. She got taken to an orphanage. She was born with the supernatural power of shape shifting. She met one of the other hero's or sidekicks and they took her back to their base.(she was at the orphanage 'till she was 18)