Review for Auditions!!


(#) AhoyMikeyo 2011-10-18

OMG IM LIKE A FREAKING BATMAN NERD... i love super heros its liek crazy... damn just realised my two favourite things are worlf Of warcraft and super heros, I'm cool

Name:Real name: Nettie Hellings Super hero name:Rag Doll
Age (Sidekicks should be in their teens, Superheroes in maybe their 20's)21
Sidekick or Hero:Could I be a villan?
Special Power:Can leave her body so it lys there like a rag doll and then entre another body controlling them untill she gets to weak super clever
Looks:Very short childlike wide green eyes curly blonde hair in bunches full fringe
Secret Identity:Nettie Hellings lives with adopted family who thinks she is only 13
Weaknesses:Not very strong in her own body
Back Story:Her mother was a whore and they both lived at the brothel she saw her mother abused many times and eventualy killed she ran away from the brothel twisted and cruel wanted vengence

Thankyou for considering me! happy writing!