Review for *Auditions*


(#) Sarahkilljoykid 2011-10-18

I dont care, teenager or Vampire

Name: Sarah Johnstone

Age:16 - but you can change that if you want

Looks: sort choppy black and green hair, short and skinny, pale skin, big bright green-grey eyes, a tattoo of a viper wrapping around my upper left arm, ripped bright red skinnys, band t-shirts, black leather jacket, skate shoes, spiked wrist bands, spiked dog collar, always smirking.

Gender: Female

Personality: hyper, jumpy, confident, generally happy, odd sense of humor,

Favorite person from the band: Bob or Frank

(If teenager)Say who u want to be dating: Bob or Frank

(If creature type thingy)say how you would scare someone : swing around in the rafters of the house and jump on them. or dress up in a disney kinda costume and chase then around with a weapon.