Review for *Auditions*


(#) RestlessStars 2011-10-18

Teenager, but if you need a demon I'm game.

Name : Bliss Monroe

Age : 21

Looks : Black hair down to back, layered and a fringe that parts to the left. Naturally curly, but likes to torture the hair with a nice hot straightener. 5 foot 6. 125 pound frame. C cup. Hazel eyes with long black lashes. Beige creamy skin tone. Smokey eyeshadow, heavy eyeliner. Pout lips.

Gender : Female.

Personality : extremely intelligent, thoughtful, insightful, creative, not easily trusting, snarky, misunderstood, quiet. Doesn't like people coming too close to her. Polite to people she doesn't know, but keeps her guard up. Afraid of getting hurt. If she's warmed up to you, then she can be very thoughtful, protective, or a good listener. Kind of a tomboy in the sense she cracks perverted jokes or plays/watches sports, likes the stupid guy movies. Her brother and male best friend would be the two major contributing factors to this situation :P and she's very close to her older brother Shane and best friend Caden. Masters in the art of sarcasm and has a dark sense of humor.

Favorite person from the band : Ray or Bob (It's a pretty close tie :P that is asking if I like Skittles more than Starbucks, no comparison!)

(If teenager)Say who u want to be dating : Bob