Review for *Auditions*


(#) mikeywayily 2011-10-18


Name; Onyx Rose

Age; Whatever works 4 u

Looks; short as fuck, big boobs C cups, short choppy black hair with electric blue high-lights in the bangs, bangs hang over right eye, snake bites, fucking pale, big steel blue eyes, lots of colorful make up kinda like jeffree star but less, and really skinny, loves to wear skinnies, tutus, tank-tops, hoodies, converse, knee high leather boots, band tees, beanies, hats with ear flaps, and short shorts

Gender; female

Personality; smart but doesn't show it, bipolar-ishh, pervert, very guarded, loves music, hyper as fuckkkk, ADHD,

Favorite person from the band; Mikey

(If teenager)Say who u want to be dating; Mikey!