Review for Baby Frankie, Gerard, and mikey

Baby Frankie, Gerard, and mikey

(#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2011-10-24

Name: Frankie Corleone (short for Francesca but hates being called that)

Age: 4

Looks: Jet black short hair spiky, big green eyes with a hazel ring around the pupil, Italian/American so tans well in summer, quite short for her age, really skinny

Personality: Hates being told what to do, a badass and rebel, her family is in the Italian mafia so is used to violence, drugs and bloodshed, her dad is the don of one of the mafia families, very close to her brother who is 8 years older than her, knows how to shoot and has since the age of 2

Clothes: Either her favourite harry potter t shirt or a black godfather t shirt, black skinnies, black leather jacket, black and silver studded belt, has a loaded pistol hidden in her jacket, wears black necklace with a cross

Shoes: drawn on Converse

Favorite cereal: Crunchy Nut ;)

Rosie :)